Women’s Health and Fitness July 2016 cover model Paige Hathaway shares her insights on keeping fit, recovery and a balanced lifestyle.


On fitness

I set my fitness schedule at the beginning of each week with personal goals for the upcoming seven days. On average, I try to spend an hour in the gym at least four to five days a week, focusing on a different body part each day. For balance, I dedicate a day to yoga and a day for performance training. Depending on my travel schedule, I usually take one to two rest days.

On eating habits

When it comes to nutrition, I believe in the 80/20 method because balance is important. My commitment is to clean eating 80 per cent of the time and I make sure I consume all the essential macronutrients each day. On average, I eat three to four meals, which include 170 to 230 grams of carbs, a chicken or white fish protein, and a healthy fat s…