Thanks in advance to any one that offers suggestions!

Im 20 years old, 6 feet 3 inches and weigh 320 pounds. Recently I have changed my diet drastically, cutting out all of the bad food I used to eat. Trying to stick to a chicken breast and vegetable diet (I’m not JUST eating chicken and vegetables, but it is the majority of my diet). I’ve been looking into how many calories I should eat to lose weight and realized I am eat way under my recommended calorie intake. Since I started I have been eating ~1228 calories a day. I didn’t consider it being an issue until I looked into it. The internet says I need 3057 calories to maintain my weight, and that its not safe to go more than 1,000 calories under that. Im way more than 1000 calories under that. My concern is that Just eating ~1228 calories, I am getting full. I know its not good to over eat, but should I be forcing myself to eat the safe amount even if I am full?