We chat to Lauren Hannaford (@lozhannahford) about her top fitness tips, how she stays motivated and her fitness mantra.


After competing as an elite gymnast for more than 20 years, IsoWhey-sponsored athlete Lauren ‘Loz’ Hannaford turned her fitness sights to gymnastics coaching, modelling and personal training. While touring the world with The Wiggles (yep, she once performed on stage as Dorothy the Dinosaur), Hannaford learnt the importance of the ‘do anywhere, anytime’ workout for boosting her health and wellbeing. “I always remind myself of how much more energised and vibrant I feel all day after I sweat myself through an awesome workout.”

Her top tips
Write it down – “This is a great way to believe you can do it. There is something about writing it down that makes it become real. When it becomes a real commitment there is no room for self-doubt or sabotage.”

Focus on process, not outcome – “I e…