The element chromium was identified over fifty years ago, and was proposed as an essential nutrient for blood sugar and fat metabolism. It has enjoyed decades of use as a weight loss nutrient and aide for building muscle.

A recent 6-month study with binge-eating, overweight adults found that chromium (600 or 1000 mcg per day) significantly reduced fasting glucose compared to controls, with the 1000 mcg dose producing the larger improvement. The number of binge eating episodes was also reduced. This study is important because all too often individuals cannot stay with an effective eating plan, give in, and eat too much. By stabilizing blood sugar with chromium, it can help keep your will power in better control.

Another new study has identified molecular mechanisms helping to explain the benefits of chromium. It was found to enhance glucose transporter GLUT4 regulation, which increases sugar uptake by muscles (synergistic with exercise). Furthermore, the net effect was to help turn on AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase), the primary enzyme in cells that orchestrates sugar and fat burning metabolic signals. The fact that chromium is now shown to be an AMPK activator makes it a powerful tool for metabolic support.