We chat to Australian personal trainer and wellness coach Brittney Cutts about her mission and goals.

Hailing from small-town New Zealand, this young up-and-comer has not only managed to find Aussie-based love in Australian Football Leauge (AFL) star Matthew Suckling, but she has also worked hard to build a body, brand and career to match. A personal trainer and women’s wellness coach who lives by her own advice, Brittney Cutts told WH&F about her mission to help the world B.Active.

About the brand

My brand B.Active is all about helping women achieve their health and fitness goals through my own experiences and education. I post on Instagram about my life and things I’ve learnt. I want to encourage people to make healthier choices every day and to lead a lifestyle they can maintain; to ‘B.Active’, ‘B.Nourished’ and ‘B.Happy’.  
When I was growing up I used to get teased for having ‘chicken legs’ and f…