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Month: October 2016

These last 10 pounds…

During teenage years I blew up to almost 150, made way back down to 135 then lost another 15 lbs. The problem is that I have been stuck at 120 for over a year and my ultimate goal has always been to be 110. Not a fan of exercise, however I do work at a hospital in which a gym is open free to me. I do watch my calories, never eating more than 800 a day or I will gain based on experience. I have hypothyroidism and have had it for a number of years, only just now tested and put on medicine…<b…

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Diary of a former 100 pound loser and maintainer

I am beginning this blog without a destination. To be honest, my weight loss has always been extremely personal to me and I have shared very little information about this effort. I love to talk and share stories so I'm working on a way to share mine. I think this diary/blog forum is exactly where I would like to start with that.

A little background about me: I’m like everyone else that is trying to lose weight. I have big successes and much larger failures. I have tried almos…

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How to count macros


Although counting macronutrients can seem daunting at first, you may be suprised at how easy it is once you get the hang of it. Check out our basic guide below.


Step 1: 

Adopt A Macros Ratio

Most experts who use macros suggest dividing the Big 3 macronutrients into these ratios:

»Protein: 35% or 40%

»Carbs: 50% or 40%

»Fats: 15% …

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Put that down, fatty! (again!)

*awkward wave* So, Sunflower is back – after 5 or so years on this bloody website, I am still here, still chunky and still drinking far too much lovely wine. I've made a new account as I couldn't remember the password to my old one – it was also depressing looking through old threads and seeing my 4 thousand odd posts as I struggled through my previous attempts at weight loss. Nice to start again and look to the future instead of looking through old threads seeking motivation!

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