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Month: October 2016

How to count macros


Although counting macronutrients can seem daunting at first, you may be suprised at how easy it is once you get the hang of it. Check out our basic guide below.


Step 1: 

Adopt A Macros Ratio

Most experts who use macros suggest dividing the Big 3 macronutrients into these ratios:

»Protein: 35% or 40%

»Carbs: 50% or 40%

»Fats: 15% …

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Lift, Train, Fitness

I am a member from way back on this forum and in the past it was a great community, I am back more for the community and to help others rather than a need to loose a lot of weight.

The old hands here will know me but for those who don't

I am a 42 year old mother of 3 kids with disabilities, I am a former Australian Champion (Bench Press) and State champion (Powerlifting). I work as a Senior sports trainer (roughly equivalent to an athletics trainer in the US) a…

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Curcumin Boosts AMPK Activation, Prevents Fatty Liver

Several new studies show that curcumin activates the enzyme AMPK, along with related fat burning gene signals, thus preventing the build up of fat in liver cells. 

AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase) is a pivotal cell enzyme required to orchestrate the burning of fat and sugar. The first study was trying to figure out if curcumin had a mechanism that could specifically help protect against non-alcohol fatty liver disease; a common consequence of obesity-related health problems. …

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