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Month: January 2015

What Makes Weight Loss Goals Achievable?

Weight loss is one of the serious problems rising in people. It’s now become all time desire of almost every man and woman to look gorgeous, slim and smart every day. The way to achieve weight loss is not a very difficult one but though require determination and consistency to achieve the desired target. Many people use and apply different diet plans , exercises recommended by nutritionist and dietitian but experts say that whenever you go to follow any action , make it in consideration that your goal of losing weight must be Smart i.e. it should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. The reason of making your goals smart is that not every course of action is suitable for every one so make sure that you follow that path that suits you and make you towards betterment of your health not decline in your body system. Another way is to make a one big goal and divide it into many small goals, this can be also done by creating short and long term goals and record them in a note book and keep check on it whether you are attaining your small goals or it need changes in it. Next you have to stick to your goals, before starting any plan or for example change in your routine, make sure you can follow it every day with...

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Weight Loss – Alter Your Eating Patterns

Obesity is an ever growing problem in today’s era and every individual tries to look for weight to overcome this problem. Obesity usually occurs because of unhealthy eating habits that include eating at unusual time intervals and eating lots of oily, unprocessed and greasy food. Every individual adopts different ways and techniques in order to lose weight and some adopt exercises and workouts, running and jogging, using dietary pills and supplements, crash diets, and some take the help of low carb diets in order to lose weight and shed their extra inches. It is of great importance to alter and change our eating habits if you wish to lose weight successfully and this is not just for the time being, but also should be carried out always once you have lost weight. Maintaining the ideal weight for your body requires giving up unhealthy eating habits that make you gain weight. Altering your eating patterns does not mean that you need to eliminate every tasty food from your life, or give up eating and remain starved and deprived. However, it means how to make a correct count on calories you intake and do not let them exceed the required limit. It is important that the meals you take are split and divided in to some halves so you do not gain excess weight. The general measure of calories intake should...

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Starvation is Not the Answer to Healthy Weight Loss

Some people are of the opinion that starvation is the only best and the easiest choice available to lose weight. Obesity is becoming increased day by day and so there are many solutions been invented for that. Out of these solutions, some include use of counter top medicines and drugs, jogging and running, going for a colon cleansing, taking pills to overcome appetite. However, some people prefer to lose weight by starving that is, they just stop eating and think that they can shed pounds this way. Starvation is not the answer to healthy weight loss but rather it is unhealthy and can make you look sick and malnourished. After you are done with your starvation, you can gain more weight and that too much quickly. The best way is to switch to a low carb diet instead, and lose weight through natural means like jogging and walking and therefore, the body also does not look malnourished and weak. You surely do not want to look ugly and bad after your weight loss, which starvation can make you seem. Detoxifying is also a good method and therefore, it is good if you drink plentiful of water and fresh juices as they put a healthy glow on your face, provide the body with essential nutrition and can also make purify your body internally. Aerobics are also a good way to...

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