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Cate's journey-join me

2007- Lost 36kg in 28 weeks, following the Cohen's Lifestyle Program. 2013- hovering about 4kg above the weight I would like to be. I stay in the forum to maintain my enthusiasm & to help keep me committed to a healthy lifestyle. I eat most foods in moderation, but very little take-away or processed food. (Edited 31/03/2013)
My original post-
Hi, I have been on the Cohen's Lifestyle program for 9 weeks today.
I am 175cm tall, my start weight was 105kg[was...

Cate's journey-join me

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Rise in marijuana in U.S. use not as high as previously reported

Researchers report an estimated 12.5 percent of adults living in the United States use marijuana, but this research also shows that the rate of pot use did not double from 2002 to 2013 — as had been reported in the fall — but instead increased by about 20 percent. Meanwhile, the rate of problems related to the drug has remained steady. <img src="http://feeds.feedburner....